Extra Curricular
Provision is made, within the limits of the school, for the development of special gifts, talents, and interests. Athletic, artistic, and scholastic competitions held by our school or with other schools of the Chicago Area Lutheran League are open to students who by their attitude, conduct, and effort in academics could properly represent our school in such competitions.
Competitions and activities offered are:
Academic:                              Athletics:
music recital                           boys: basketball  (grades 3-8)
spelling bee (3-8)                    girls: basketball (grades 3-8)
math meet (5-8)                      co-ed: soccer (grades 4-8)
forensics (5-8)                        softball (grades 4-8)
geography bee (3-8)               track (grades 3-8)
art fair (5-8)  
science fair (3-8)  
band (5-8)  
choir (3-8)  

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